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NEW ARRIVAL: Beautyblender Sponge Applicator

NEW ARRIVAL: Beauty Blender

Now you can look like a movie star without the pricey services of a major make up artist. Introducing Beautyblender, the ultimate make up sponge applicator. Invented by top Hollywood make up artist Rea Ann Silva, Beautyblender has been created to leave you with a professional finish and a flawless complexion. Silva knows that the key to a perfect face is simple: a perfect blend. So forget your fingers or sharp-edged triangular sponges, these application methods waste make up and can leave visible streaks.

Beautyblender’s patent-pending elliptical shape makes application foolproof by allowing you to access hard-to-reach areas with stunning ease. Its suede texture is sensual to the touch and its unique curves fit the contours of your face, leaving your make up dazzling and undetectable. Beautyblender is latex free, non-allergenic and odor free.

The Sponge

beautyblender pro_beauty_blender beauty_blender_pure
Original Beautyblender® – the star of the system Beautyblender® Pro – Same material, different color. A true omage to Professional Makeup Artists around the world. Beautyblender® Pure – Still the same amazing cosmetic applicator but without color

How to Use
image-howtoAlways dampen the Beauty Blender sponge before use.  Take the sponge and soak it in water.  The sponge expands to nearly double it’s volume.  Squeeze out all the water, and use the damp sponge to apply the makeup. Bounce Beautyblender against your face when applying make up. Bouncing, also called stippling, blends make up without creating changes in the texture or tone of your skin. Use Beautyblender’s pointed side for hard-to-reach spots like around the nose and mouth, and under the eyes. Use the round base for foundation and blush on the larger areas of your face such as your forehead, cheeks and chin.

Tip: Make sure you don’t throw away the packaging, as the pedestal in the packaging is used to store your sponge after usage and for drying after you have cleaned it.

Shop the Beautyblender and Beautyblender cleansers on – now available in single, duo, and multi-variety packs!

The SkinMedix Team

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Prepping Your Skin for Makeup

Close up of beautiful natural mature blonde woman cleansingAll the primer in the world can’t create flawless skin. For that seamless makeup look, try one or all of these tips to get your complexion ready!

Power Wash

Sloughing off those dead skin cells is the quickest way to boost radiance. To do so without irritation, use an oscillating brush, like Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Cleansing System, with a mild scrub twice a week. And once a week, apply a clay mask, like Revision Black Mask, to absorb impurities.


At-home peels can help you achieve a silkier finish. Use a peel, like Neostrata Skin Active Perfecting Peel, one a week at night–it’s an at home treatment with glycolic acid to smooth the skin’s texture and even out tone.


Dry and chalky does not make for a great nude look. What you’re after is “lush” skin, and to get it you have to seal in moisture. After cleansing, use a generous layer of hyaluronic acid, found in products like SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel, to attract water molecules to the skin. Follow with a drop of facial treatment oil, like Trilogy Rosehip Oil.

How do you prep your skin before makeup?

The SkinMedix Team

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How Your Phone is Messing with Your Skin

04-acne-hiddenYou feel like completely lost without it, but your lifeline to your friends, family, and work could be wreaking havoc on your skin.

Habit: Squinting your eyes to read the small type on your screen.

Problem: Crow’s feet and 11 lines (the vertical frown line between the brows), which normally don’t show up until your 30s or 40s, are showing up more and more on people in their 20s.

Quick Fix: Increase your font size to “Grandma” (20pts or bigger), and up your screen’s brightness. Look for products with argireline to temporarily freeze muscle movements. Some studies show up to a 60% reduction in wrinkle depth in one month of use.

We recommend:

Habit: Constantly looking down to check texts, emails, Facebook, etc.

Problem: It’s called text-neck—a slack, untoned neck and jawline caused by a breakdown in collagen and elastin. These tiny fibers only have an infinite number of times they can fold. The constant up-and-down movement weakens this support structure.

Quick Fix: Hold your phone eye level to minimize folding at the neck. Apply a skin-firming, peptide-rich cream on your jawline and down your neck. According to a study in Molecular Pharmaceutics, products containing high levels of Matrixyl can nearly double collagen production.

We recommend: 

Habit: Talking long enough that your phone gets hot against your face.

Problem: Prolonged exposure to heat from any source can increase melanin production in that area—and if brown spots and an uneven tone weren’t bad enough, research shows they can make you look up to 10 years older!

Quick fix: Use a handsfree headset or speakerphone. A brightening cream, with ingredients like licorice, can help fade unwanted spots.

We recommend:

Habit: Pressing your face against your phone. (See those oil and makeup streaks on your screen?)

Problem: The touch-screen trend has caused a rise in acne in the “phone zone”—temples, cheeks, and chin. The dirt and bacteria that live on your screen are transferred to your skin when you talk on the phone which may lead to breakouts.

Quick fix: Clean your phone daily with an anti-bacterial wipe. Use a benzoyl peroxide lotion or glycolic acid face pads to keep your pores clear.

We recommend: 

Are you guilty of any of these bad habits?

The SkinMedix Team

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NEW ARRIVAL: Revaleskin Hyrdalift Complex & Natural Defense SPF 25

For greater luminosity, smoother texture and more hydrated skin appearance

Revaleskin HydraLift Complex with 1% CoffeeBerry Whole Fruit Extract is clinically proven to: boost moisture levels within the skin by 113%; help improve hydration and elasticity; and help guard against the primary contributor to premature aging, oxidative stress. Designed to attract moisture and keep it in the skin, Revaleskin HydraLift Complex is effective when used alone as a targeted hydrating anti-aging treatment but can also be used as an addition to your current skincare regimen.


Key Ingredients

  • 1% CoffeeBerry Whole Fruit Extract – A naturally potent antioxidant
  • Retinol – Skin revitalizer with antioxidant properties
  • Tocopherol (Vitamin E) – Antioxidant with skin moisturizing properties
  • Glycerin – Skin moisturizer
  • Flowering Yarrow Extract – Softens skin to help it look and feel supple
  • Alchemilla Vulgaris Extract – Helps reduce appearance of wrinkles
  • Bearberry, Mulberry, & Pea Extracts – Skin brighteners
  • Primula Veris Extract – Skin conditioner
  • Shea Butter – Softens skin to help it look and feel supple
  • Licorice Root Extract – Restores a healthy radiance by increasing skin’s luminosity
  • Humectants – Attract water and retain skin hydration

Use Directions
For best results, apply evenly to clean face, neck and chest twice daily.

For Broad Spectrum UVA and UVB SPF 25 protection

Revaleskin Natural Defense SPF 25 contains 0.1% CoffeeBerry Whole Fruit Extract – one of nature’s most potent antioxidants – in a 98.4% natural formulation, offering Broad Spectrum UVA and UVB SPF 25 protection. More than a sunscreen alone, Revaleskin Natural Defense SPF 25 it also helps to provide protection from free radicals, with hydrating and brightening benefits, and beautifully evens the complexion while concealing blemishes with a tinted, shine-free matte finish.


Key Ingredients

  • 0.1% CoffeeBerry Whole Fruit Extract – A naturally potent antioxidant
  • Micronized Titanium Dioxide – A broad spectrum non-chemical, sunscreen
  • GlycerinSkin – Skin moisturizer
  • Squalene (derived from olives) – Moisturizer and skin conditioning agent
  • Sorbitan Sesquioleate (derived from corn) – Moisturizing and skin conditioning agent
  • Cetyl Ricinoleate (from castor beans) – Emollient, skin conditioner and protectant
  • Lecithin (phospholipid) – Moisturizing and soothing agent
  • Beeswax (Cera Alba) – Emollient (softens and smoothes skin), skin conditioner

Use Directions
Apply using a rolling, patting motion until product blends evenly on the skin prior to sun exposure. Re-apply as needed or after swimming, towel drying, perspiring heavily or washing.

Have you tried NEW Revaleskin Hydralift Complex and Natural Defense SPF 25 yet?

The SkinMedix Team

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Should You Use a Facial Toner?

To tone or not to tone? - SkinMedix.comDue to outdated information and misperceptions, toners have become a confusing category of skin-care products that many fashion magazines and cosmetic salespeople advise against using, or simply dismiss toners as an optional step. However, a well-formulated toner can provide truly amazing benefits for your skin.

Toners are meant to be used after cleansing. They once were recommended as a way to restore skin’s pH balance after using a bar soap or bar cleanser because those types of cleansers raise the skin’s natural pH to a level that isn’t good for your skin. However, with today’s gentle, water-soluble cleansers, the skin’s pH doesn’t change appreciably, and the fact that skin’s pH recovers just fine on its own made the need for toners to adjust skin’s pH fade away.

What we now know is that after cleansing, what your skin needs is a range of ingredients that restore and repair its surface. Skin can never get too much of these important ingredients, which include antioxidants and skin-repairing substances such as glycerin, fatty acids, and ceramides. The right toner can give your skin a healthy dose of what it needs to look younger, fresher, and smoother, right after cleansing and throughout the day.

If the toner is well formulated, we recommend that you make toner an essential part of your cleansing routine because the benefits can be felt and seen almost instantly. Below is a list of some of our favorite toners for various skin types available at SkinMedix!

Toners for Oily or Blemish-Prone Skin:

Toners for Dry or Sensitive Skin:

Toners for Combination Skin:

If the toner you’re considering is filled with great ingredients (like those in the list above), then skipping this step is cheating your skin of more of the beneficial ingredients it needs to become healthier and act younger. A toner that contains state-of-the-art ingredients proven to smooth, soften, calm, and repair skin is a wonderful addition to anyone’s skin-care routine!

Do you use a toner as part of your skin care regimen?

The SkinMedix Team