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New Arrival: PRESCRIBEDsolutions -

PRESCRIBEDsolutions is a unique, potent skin care line designed to prepare, repair and maintain better skin. Each product offers medical-grade formulas, customized by physicians for long-lasting results. PRESCRIBEDsolutions especially caters to speed up healing processes, due to harsh skin treatments, allowing for a comfortable, quick recovery.

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PRESCRIBEDsolutions is the only skincare line that enables you to customize your skincare products. PRESCRIBEDsolutions allows you to treat your short term concerns, such as temporary post procedure inflammation as well as longer term skincare concerns, such as skin discolorations or visible signs of aging by boosting your products -in a matter of seconds – with potent state of the art ingredients. When ordering a PRESCRIBEDsolutions product, choose an extra booster (available for purchase here) that can be added to your product. When mixed in with your product, it’ll become your own customized skin care product formulated for your specific skincare needs!

Have you tried PRESCRIBEDsolutions? Which booster is your favorite? Let us know in a comment below!

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5 Wonder Skin Care Oils

5 Wonder Skin Care Oils - SkinMedix.comIf your skin is looking a bit dull, try swapping your usual moisturizers for a plant-based oil. These 5 wonder skin care oils are some of the most popular, and they come highly recommended by skin care experts. Beyond their hydrating abilities, each of the standout oils in our list also targets specific skin care concerns. Read on to find out which one you should try.

1. Tea Tree Oil

Best for Acne

Tea tree oil is an excellent treatment for acne. Studies have found that 5 percent tea tree oil is as effective at treating acne as 5 percent benzoyl peroxide. It’s recommended by skin experts as a gentle, natural alternative to harsher acne treatments.

Try: PCA Skin Purifying Mask

2. Grapeseed Oil

Best for Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, you’re probably reluctant to even utter the words “oil” and “face” in the same sentence. But Grapeseed oil can actually help regulate your natural oil production. Plus, it’s packed with antioxidants, including skin-brightening vitamin C. Regular application of grapeseed oil will basically deliver a good amount of astringent which is useful for skin toning and tightening. For this reason, people with oily skin will take the most of grapeseed oil’s advantages.

Try: Repechage Opti-Firm Renewal Complex

3. Argan Oil

Best for Anti-aging

The oil contains a high concentration of vitamin E and fatty acids, and it’s more stable in sunlight than other antioxidants — so it’s perfect to wear during the day. A little goes a long way so you only need a tiny amount for it to be effective.

Try: Dermalogica Overnight Repair Serum

4. Rose Hip Oil

Best for Scars and Discoloration

It is effective on scars caused by acne, surgery, burns, chicken pox, injuries and cuts. Rose Hip Oil’s potent cell regenerating and wound-healing properties help to replace ugly scar tissue with healthy, normal skin. It not only remodels damaged skin structure, it also improves skin color and elasticity.It’s ideal for protecting your skin as well as increasing cell turnover. Use it as a boost for your moisturizer — just mix in a few drops before you apply. If you’re skeptical about putting oil directly onto your face, this is a great option.

Try: Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+

5. Olive Oil

Best for Dry skin

Not only is it super moisturizing, olive oil is also rich in compounds like polyphenols, squalene, and fatty acids — all of which are nourishing and help fight aging and damage from overexposure to sun, air pollution, and other modern-day environmental hazards.

Try: Repechage Hydra 4 Day Protection Cream

Which oil is best for your skin care concerns?

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Clarisonic Brush Heads: Which One Is Right For You?

Clarisonic offers a variety of brush heads for the face and body available at SkinMedix. To make choosing between them a little easier, we’ve put together some information regarding different skin types and their brush head matches, that are sure to give you a glowing complexion!

clarisonicnormalbrushNormal skin – If your skin has an even tone and texture, and is naturally moisturized without looking too dry or oily, you were blessed with normal skin type. Normal skin is the least problematic type and is characterized by small pores. This type is best paired with the normal brush head.

clarisonicdelicatebrushDry skin – Dry skin can feel tight and itchy, as well as show some visible flaking. It is often delicate, easily irritated, and has a matte appearance. We recommend that you start with the sensitive brush head. If you also have rosacea or acne, try either the delicate or acne brush head.

clarisonicdeepporebrushOily skin – Oily skin has a shiny appearance and is usually thicker, firmer, and less sensitive than the other skin types. Individuals with this skin type have enlarged pores and are more susceptible to recurring clogged pores, blackheads, whiteheads, and blemishes. But not to worry, the deep pore brush head is ideal for cleansing oily skin, large pores or hard to reach areas of the face, such as around the nose.

clarisonicacnebrushCombination skin – Combination skin is a blend of both oily and dry skin. If you have combination skin, you’ll find that the oils are mostly concentrated on the T-zone, while the cheeks remain dry. This skin type varies quite a bit – so to determine which brush head is right for you, give the acne brush head a try. Extra-plush bristle gradation helps to provide ultra-gentle cleansing for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

clarisonicsentivebrushSensitive skin – This skin type tends to be very dry, itchy, feel tight, and can easily become inflamed or irritated by external influences. Sensitive skin can be dry, normal, or oily and is characterized by delicacy. We think the ultra-gentle delicate brush head will be perfect for your sensitive skin!

clarionicbodybrushBody – For cleansing areas of the body needing extra care and attention, including the décolleté, hands, arms, elbows and feet, use the Clarisonic Spot Therapy Replacement Brush Head. Not for use on the face. Works with Clarisonic PRO models only.

Does the brush head you’re currently using match your skin type?

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3 Things to Know About Antioxidants

3 Things to Know About Antioxidants1. Not Every Vitamin is an Antioxidant

And not every antioxidant is a vitamin. Some vitamins are anti-oxidants, however. Vitamin D, for example, has little to no antioxidant capacity. It cannot neutralize a free radical. Vitamin E, on the other hand, is a potent free radical scavenger (anti-oxidant) and a necessary vitamin. Look for products with high potent antioxidants like vitamin C, Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), and Glutathione.

2. Let Your Skin Feast

For the best protection, wear a formula with several antioxidants. Studies show they work together, becoming more powerful when they’re combined than when they are alone. For example, vitamin C is more potent than green tea extract and grapeseed extract, but none of them alone, can do near what they can do together in terms of fighting off free radicals and keeping oxidative stress to a minimum.

3. Be Quick

Wearing a sunscreen or moisturizer with antioxidants is fine, but serums penetrate faster than creams when applied to bare skin. The strongest concentrations are usually the most stable, so look for one in a dark or opaque bottle. A change in color, smell, or texture of the product can mean the antioxidants have oxidized. Make sure the lid is tightly closed on these types of products, and store them in a cool, dark place to minimize the oxidation process.

Antioxidants We Love:

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2012 ASDS Survey on Dermatologic Procedures

The 2012 ASDS Survey on Dermatologic Procedures found that dermatologic surgeons performed nearly 8 million medically necessary and cosmetic procedures in the United States in 2012 (a nearly 7 percent increase over 2011).

If you had one of the 8 million procedures performed, protect your investment! Aging doesn’t stop with a procedure. Keep your results looking fab for longer with daily at-home care and prevention. Shop SkinMedix today for the best prices on the world’s leading anti-aging and age-preventive cosmeceuticals normally available only through physicians’ offices and high-end spas at much higher prices!

In the meantime, check out the facts in this infograpghic on dermatologic procedures from the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery’s 2012 survey.


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