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Jennifer GLOpez

Jennifer Lopez - Skinceuticals Ultimate UV Defense SPF 30 availble at SkinMedix.comJust check out Jennifer Lopez’s skin! Seriously, right now, take a minute to really examine how glowy and radiant her face is. With skin this beautiful, fresh, and flawless, anything she’s using, I want it…NOW! Thanks to E!News, we learn one beauty secret this gorgeous 32 42! yr old starlet “swears by”.

Before applying any makeup, Jennifer uses Skinceuticals Ultimate UV Defense SPF 30 everyday to protect her skin from premature aging. Skinceuticals Ultimate UV Defense SPF 30 is a broad-spectrum, moisturizing sunscreen that boasts 7% transparent since oxide – which helps block damage from UVA and UVB rays. It’s gentle enough for daily use and it won’t clog pores. E!News calls it “the best SPF money can buy” — one look at JLo and we can see why!

Check out the clip below from E!News talking about Jennifer’s favorite SPF!

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Peel Your Way to Perfect Skin

Peel Your Way to Perfect SkinA facial peel may sound intense, potentially irritating, and painfully expensive. But lucky for us, these gentle new chemical exfoliators allow you to brighten your complexion from the comfort of your bathroom for way less than a similar spa treatment. With a variety of formulas to choose from, each of these peels promises smoother, softer, younger-looking skin, and less breakouts with regular use.

Glytone Essentials Mini Peel – A weekly skin booster using 10.8% glycolic acid to thoroughly exfoliate and renew the complexion. Perfect for use between in-office peels and safe for all skin types, it works without irritation, resulting in a calm, comfortable finish.

Rodial Glamtox Peel – Continually pushing beauty boundaries, Rodial skincare has added yet another alternative to surgery to their ever expanding list of wonder products. Step forward glamtox peel, a clay mask that will help to reverse the signs of aging in just ten minutes. Also featuring Fruit Acids to help refine the complexion, even skintone and soften fine lines, this clay mask will illuminate and brighten, even after the first use.

Murad Intesive-C Resurfacing Peel – Formulated with a blend of botanicals and resurfacing agents to replenish radiance while smoothing and softening the skin. Apply the mask after cleansing and let it sit for 10 minutes before rinsing it off with a warm cloth to deep clean and brighten. Also available in travel size.

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel and Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Body Peel – The first peel formulated for daily at-home use. It’s unique two-step system of ready-to-use pads contains a precise blend of alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids, antioxidants vitamins A, C, and E, soothing green tea extract.

Looking for a stronger, more advanced at-home treatment? Try these two highly effective treatments below. Their purpose is twofold: to help your skin look younger almost immediately while taking your results to the next level.

Peel Away to Perfect Skin - SkinMedix.comPriori Advanced AHA Pro Peel – Helps restore your skin to its basic health and fitness. Provides a powerful combination of lactic acid and essential vitamin antioxidants.

Priori Idebenone Pro Peel – The first anti-aging professional treatments to incorporate the dramatic benefits of Idebenone, an entirely new and different kind of antioxidant. It targets aging at its cellular source to provide a level of skin rejuvenation and free radical protection not available with any other non-invasive skincare program.

Warning: Skin can become vulnerable to UV rays after a peel. Use sunblock to prevent further damage after a treatment.

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Rodial Glamtox Peel

Glytone Mini Peel Gel

Priori Advanced AHA Pro Peel

Good Luck from SkinMedix

The 2012 Summer Olympics start today! To ALL of our friends and fans around the World, we wish your teams the best of luck! We also want to send a very special cheers to Team USA – Bring home the GOLD!!!

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Study Shows Exposure to Energy Efficient Lightbulbs Can Cause Skin Damage

Study Shows Exposure to Energy Efficient Lightbulbs Can Cause Skin Damage

Researchers from Stony Brook University have reported that compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs emit UVC and UVA radiation found to be damaging to human skin tissue in close proximity. CFL bulbs were designed to offer a more energy-efficient alternative to incandescent light bulbs.

Recently, CFL exposure was found to exacerbate existing skin conditions; however, the effects of CFL exposure on healthy skin tissue had not been thoroughly investigated. The team measured the amount of UV emissions and the integrity of each bulb’s phosphor coatings. Significant levels of UVC and UVA were found to be released from cracks in the phosphor coatings. Cells exposed to CFLs displayed a decrease in turn over rate, migration, collagen contraction and an increase in free radical damage. They found that the cells responded to UV radiation emitted from the CFL bulbs in a similar manner to UV radiation from the sun. Tests were repeated with incandescent light bulbs of the same intensity. The incandescent light bulbs, however, did no damage to healthy skin cells.

The researchers recommend being careful when using CFL bulbs, to avoid exposing skin at a close range and to place them behind a glass cover.

Find more on the results of this study, you can download the published article appearing in the July issue of Photochemistry and Photobiology  in “The Effects of UV Emission from CFL Exposure on Human Dermal Fibroblasts and Keratinocytes in Vitro“.

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Chill Out & Look Hot!

This month, Cosmo shared spa inspired tips to chill out (literally) – and get you touchable skin, luscious lips, and a tension free bod at the same time. Here are a few of our favorite tips that will help keep you crazy, sexy, cool!

Frozen Pucker · Lips can’t sweat (skin’s natural cooling method), so freeze balm overnight then pop it in your purse in the a.m. It’ll stay frozen for about an hour – perfect for cooling off a steamy commute in the summer months.

  • Try COOLA Liplux SPF 30. Coola’s vitamin and antioxidant enriched formula soothes and nourishes, while the unique blend of fruit butters like Raspberry and Avocado hydrate the delicate skin of the lips. The lusciously refreshing scent will make you want to say MUAH! xx

Cold Feet · End a long day (or night) with this delicious pedi soak: Fill a bowl with a gallon of cool water, two cups lemon juice, two sliced lemons, and one-quarter cup vodka. When it hits the tops of your feet and ankles – two powerful pulse points – your whole body will feel amazing.

Icy Eyes · Your body can be slower at flushing out fluids in hot weather – and that means under-eye bags. Chill a spoon in the freezer, and press it along your orbital bones to up circulation and nix swelling. Or apply a refrigerated eye gel with a massaging eye tool; the kneading mimics the deflating effects of an energizing spa facial.

Wipe Out · As a refreshing post sauna treat, top spas offer mini towels dunked in ice water. Survive nature’s sauna by tossing a pack of facial towelettes in a cooler before heading to the beach or park. “Press on into your neck for a quick chill”, recommends Champneys Group spa director, Jo Parker.

On the Rocks · One of the best perks of a day of pro pampering: ice-cold, fruit-spiked spa water. The delicious taste entices you to drink up – important since staying hydrated is key to keeping cool. Fill a pitcher with water, ice, the juice of half an orange , and pink grapefruit wedges.

What do you do to chill out during the hot summer?

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COOLA Liplux SPF 30

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New Product Line Poll

SkinMedix is always looking for new, top quality products to add to our store. Answer the poll below and let us know what you think! Never heard of Repechage?…check out the line here.


Don’t Buy Skin Care From Just Anywhere

What happens when you buy skin care from a "book store"

Think you’re getting a better deal somewhere else? Well, think again. One of our customers sent us this picture of her latest purchase when she decided to “see other people” and buy from another site. Her email reads,

I have purchased from SkinMedix for years, but when I saw this product at an unbelievable price on another site, I thought I’d struck gold. I was so disppointed when my package arrived and the product box was smashed. To make matters worse, the product was old and smelled terrible!!! The company won’t accept returns and won’t reply to any of my emails! What I thought a was a great deal, turned out to be horrible let down and a total waste of money! SkinMedix, I love you, and I’ll never leave you again!

Moral of the story? Don’t buy skin care from just anywhere. At SkinMedix, all of our products are guaranteed to be authentic and fresh from the manufacturer with original seals and packaging. Join the hundreds of thousands of people who have discovered the value and convenience of We would love to count you among them! 🙂